Designed for small spaces, the IB7 is the perfect coffee companion. A machine with smart, compact design that retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products. It is the final piece of the puzzle to make your bar complete. The IB7 design embodies the vision of a classic 20th-century espresso machine and combines it with a reliable model built from durable materials and stainless steel panels. Whether you are experiencing IB7 for the first time or ensuring its upkeep, the IB7 fuses ergonomics with smart design to provide best experience. 
LED lit work area 
Raised heads for takeaway 
Large cup warming area 
Easy to control ¼ turn dual swivel steam taps 
Large 11 litre boiler 
13 amp power required 
Available in 1 grp handfill, 1 grp, 2grp compact, 2 group standard and 3 group. 
Available in any colour of your choice 
Yours for only £27 per week 


The latest edition to the Iberital range, the Vista is an engineering masterclass. Eco-designed for comfort and efficiency in use, the heigh of the VISTA also allows for easier interaction with the customer for a better coffee shop experience. 
The dual boiler system (one for coffee, one for hot water and steam) and the touchscreen that allows the barista to automate and control the parameters of extraction give the barista greater control when crafting espresso and serving coffee, allowing them to set the precise temperature and ensuring a high level of temperature stability, even in peak hours and high-demand coffee-shops. 
Unmatched build quality 
Single phase power 
Extra long dual swivel steam arms 
Raised heads for takeaway cups or latte glasses 
LCD providing up to date information 
LED lit work area 
2 and 3 group versions 
Yours for £28.50 per week 

Spaziale S21 

With a sleek, modern design, the Spaziale S21 is a machine suited to any location. Huge hot water capacity, lots of steam and consistent brewing make it a great machine and very user friendly. 
Raised heads for takeaway 
Available in 2 and 3 group form 
High output dual swivel steam arms 
Lots of hot water 
Very reliable 
Cool touch steam arms (optional) 
13 or 20 amp power required 
Ergonomic filter holders 
Solidly built 

Casadio Nettuno 

Brand new model from Casadio. The Nettuno offers strength, flexibility and creativity. These are the qualities that distinguish the new Nettuno professional coffee machine. Designed to bring elegance and performance to every type of business. 
Raised heads for takeaway 
Available in 1, 2 and 3 group form 
High output dual swivel steam arms 
Lots of hot water 
Very reliable 
Digital display 
Easy steam automatic milk wand 
LED downlights over the work area 
Only £30 per week 
Low rate finance is available on all our machines. 
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